Top 10 Cardamom Tea Benefits

Cardamom Tea Benefits

Besides saffron and vanilla, cardamom is the third most expensive spice on the planet, despite its abundant use in culinary applications in Asia where it regularly appears in many food dishes and is incredibly popular hot and brewed as a tea made from the pods of the plant

Top 10 Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

Lemon Balm Tea Benefits

Lemon balm, a member of the mint family, is well known for its aromatic leaves that smell not surprisingly, of lemon. The herb is found primarily in Europe, the Mediterranean, parts of Asia and the northern part of Africa, but is grown in gardens just about everywhere even growing

Top 7 Kelp Tea Benefits

Kelp Tea Benefits

Kelp is a generic term that describes various types of brown algae that are used in a wide variety of industrial, mechanical, pharmacological and culinary applications. For instance, some types of kelp are used to make glass, while other are used in toothpaste and dog food

Top 10 Elderberry Tea Benefits

Elderberry Tea Benefits

Though referred to by only one name, as many as thirty small shrubs, trees and flowering plants comprise the family of the subtropical fruit bearing genus. White flowers give way to small red, blue or black berries that are widely used for food, wine and medicine

Top 10 Yarrow Tea Benefits

Yarrow Tea Benefits

Yarrow is a common, feathery looking plant that is crowned with many tiny flowers that come in a wide variety of colors. One of the best-known uses of yarrow historically was reducing the bleeding from serious injuries and battle wounds. It’s perhaps this usage that gave way

Top 10 Echinacea Tea Benefits

Echinacea Tea Benefits

Echinacea is a flowering plant that is also commonly referred to as “cone flower.” They grow mostly in North America and boast brightly colored flowers during the summer. Historically, Echinacea was a staple medicinal plant for the American Indians who found it useful in a wide variety of healing uses

Top 7 Sarsaparilla Tea Benefits

Sarsaparilla Tea Benefits

Though preceded by hundreds of years of medicinal use, today sarsaparilla is best known for beverage making where it serves as a base for various soft drinks including some types of root beer. Historically however, the grape vine-like plant with roots that can reach over six feet

Top 10 Thyme Tea Benefits

Thyme Tea Benefits

Few plants have as many uses as thyme, which has been utilized as far back in recorded history as the Egyptian empire, when peoples used the herb in various embalming practices. Aside from temple rituals, the evergreen herb also has been used in aromatherapy, decoration, cooking

Top 10 Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Benefits of Rooibos Tea

It’s unlikely that just when rooibos tea was truly discovered will ever be determined, since natives of the South African area where the plant occurs naturally had already long been using it when Europeans stumbled into the region looking for medicinal plants in as early as the 17th century

Top 10 Alfalfa Tea Benefits

Alfalfa Tea Benefits

Alfalfa may hold the title as one of the most overlooked herbal remedies on the planet. The flowering plant, a common component of hay and cattle feed, is one of the most potent bearers of chlorophyll on Earth and is loaded with beneficial nutrients