Anti Cancer Tea – Best Herbal Recipes

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Anti Cancer TeaCancer is a serious condition that encompasses over two hundred different diseases that can affect various organs throughout the body. Even with breakthrough medical advances in terms of preventing, treating and managing the condition, science is still a long way from finding a definitive cure for many types of cancer. Nature provides many solutions to treating and even curing diseases. And, while an anti cancer tea made from herbs may seem far-fetched, the practice has historical roots that take note of the medicinal properties of many things found in nature. The use of herbal teas is an alternative form of medicine that blurs the line between scientific data and folklore. It should not be used as a sole alternative to medical care, and it is possible that some herbs and herbal tea recipes may interact with medications, treatments and health conditions. A doctor should absolutely be consulted before considering any purported anti cancer tea whether for prevention, treatment or symptom management to determine the safety to use in your specific situation. Herbal teas contain many body beneficial compounds that have been shown to provide healing benefits. Where their risk of use is minimal, they can provide wondrous positive effects to the body.

One anti cancer tea that has been becoming more and more popular in people that have been newly diagnosed (specifically this group, the tea is not thought to be effective in persons with metastasized cancers) is essiac tea. The concoction itself refers to a combination of herbal tea recipes that include a variety of herbs, usually four, that are blended together and then brewed. Two of the most common components are burdock root and sheep sorrel. Burdock root is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine, and the herb has been used for infections, anorexia, HIV and AIDS and for cancer. The compounds in the herb that promote anti cancer activity are lignans – arctiin and arctigenin. These agents may inhibit certain processes within the body like those related to inflammation. They also may affect the tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) which lends to the herb’s popularity in anti cancer tea.

Prized for its medicinal compounds like anthraquinones, vitamins and oxilates, sheep sorrel remains a popular constituent for a wide variety of herbal teas. Its role in essiac tea is solidified by its contained compounds’ ability to positively affect the excretory processes of the body, which are believed to possess cleansing and detoxification of physiological contaminants. However, the herb’s use in anti cancer tea and any level of effectiveness has not been proven, and the herb is best known as a potent laxative.

Some herbs show promise in only certain types of cancers, and one area where this is most pronounced is in potentially estrogen related cancers that usually affect women. For instance, some studies have shown that herbs obtained from the berberis family of flowering plants can be used in a tea that may provide positive actions against ovarian cancer. And, the terms “butcher’s broom” and “breast cancer” are becoming more and more intertwined.  The herb’s anti-oestrogenic and tumor shrinking effects are thought to come from compounds contained in therein known as ruscogenins.  Both are popular in anti cancer tea blends for their known successes in small and limited studies.

While many herbs contain powerful natural compounds that may hold many keys and clues to winning the battle against cancer, that their manufacture and use is grossly under regulated and there are some dangers to using herbs and herbal teas medicinally. Some preparations can be contaminated, and some organs such as the kidneys can be adversely affected by some herbs. It is best that if you are considering herbal remedies for anything from foot fungus to terminal illness, that a medical professional be involved and available to discuss the potential risks and rewards of using an anti cancer tea or other healing teas. Another important point to keep in mind is that all herbs and herbal teas are bought from reputable purveyors to minimize the risk of dangerous or contaminated product. Natural herbs provide a plethora of healing benefits and may one day change the way that we think about medicine. But, until their use becomes more main stream, common sense approaches and a certain amount of knowledge are invaluable to using them safely.