Best Tea for Detox – Top 10 Herbal Tea Recipes!

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Tea for DetoxDetoxification has become a fad in its own right both in terms of promoting better overall health and for weight loss support. While the body has all of the tools that it needs in order to rid itself of harmful agents and compounds that would contribute to poor health, a boost from nature can help the process along. Using tea for detox purposes is incredibly popular, especially for those looking to shed a few extra pounds by eliminating sugary and high calorie beverages from their diets. Most commonly, herbal tea recipes are used, combining a wide variety of herbs that are thought to have cleansing and detoxifying effects on the body. We have compiled a list of the top ten picks for a tea for detox benefits to help narrow your search in choosing a cleansing cup of deliciousness.

1. Chicory root

Chicory root has long been hailed in ancient medicine for its ability to cleanse the blood, and help purify the liver as well. Ancient Romans consumed chicory root in large quantities for these purposes, which makes the inclusion of the root in detox teas incredibly common. Chicory root is also thought to draw heat out of the liver and promote bile secretions. The herb can also be used in herbal tea recipes alongside other cleansing herbs to promote a unique and delicious flavor experience.

2. Dandelion Root

Classified by most as a weed, dandelion is making resurgence both in the culinary world and in the herbal community for its wide range of healthful benefits. Considered a calming and relaxing natural component, dandelion is also thought to have detoxification benefits and hence is popular in many tea for detox products.

3. Goji Berry

Still relatively uncommon today but considered a staple of ancient Chinese medicine, the goji berry is thought to have benefits to both the liver and kidneys, hence its inclusion in many detoxification regimens.

4. Licorice Root

In some studies, licorice root has been shown to possess protective qualities to the liver, allowing it to function at its peak and work to successfully detoxify the body. Licorice has a unique flavor and is not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but it appears included in many herbal tea recipes because it can take the bitter edge off of some herbs like dandelion, which are known for being bitter.

5. Schisandra Fruit

Like licorice, the herb has purported ability of the schisandra fruit to protect the liver which makes it an excellent addition to any tea for detox purposes. Instead of providing direct cleansing benefits of its own, it supports the organ that removes harmful substances from the body, providing a healthful boost to the body’s own detoxification processes.

6. Manjistha

Many herbs included in tea for detox products focus on the liver and on the kidneys. However, the lymphatic system is one that is often less discussed. The manjistha herb can provide a cleansing boost to the lymphatic system and enhance immunity.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is best known for its use in Indian cuisine and imparting a unique color to many sauces and soups. This powerful digestive aid corrects imbalances in the digestive tract which can have indirect detoxification properties. It is readily found in tea and also easy to incorporate into the daily diet.

8. Fenugreek

Another herb that crosses back and forth between the medicinal and culinary worlds is fenugreek. Found in many tea products, this herb is thought to have a wide variety of health benefits. Its role in a tea for detox however is related to the herb’s ability to promote bile secretion which helps to flush toxins from the body and help prevent their build up.

9. Ginger

The wide range of health benefits offered by ginger are only yet beginning to be uncovered. Exciting studies show ginger’s medicinal promise, but the herb has been used medicinally for thousands of years, most commonly as a digestive aid. This is why ginger is so popular in tea for detox options, it helps stimulate digestion and help remove built up toxins that can lead to sluggish performance.

10. Gynostemma

Called miracle grass for its wide range of purported health benefits, gynostemma is a tea that boasts detoxification benefits in its repertoire of medicinal uses. It is a caffeine free green tea loaded with antioxidants and may promote relaxation as well.

The benefits of detoxification are only yet beginning to be understood. By supporting the organs that they body uses to rid itself of toxins, energy levels can be increased and the body can feel more radiant and vibrant. Any herbal remedies that you are considering should be discussed with a health care provider to ensure that a tea for detox purposes is safe for you. In addition, some cleansing and detox programs are very strict and can be dangerous. Using herbs safely for their healthful benefits and not in place of whole foods and fresh produce will allow for the maximum benefit to be achieved from health supporting teas.