Best Tea for Sinus Infection – 5 Herbs that Fight Infection!

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Tea for Sinus InfectionSinus infections are a very common malady and affect many people throughout cold and flu season. The symptoms of a sinus infection include nasal congestion, a runny or stuffy nose, headaches, body aches, fever, and a sore throat (which is often caused from nasal drainage). Medications are often the first line of defense for sinus infections whether they are prescriptions for treating the source of the infection or over the counter remedies for symptom relief. But, there are also many herbs that are found in nature that can combat the germs causing the illness, treat the symptoms associated with it, or both. These herbs can be used in a tea for sinus infection which can provide further soothing relief. We compiled a list of the best five herbs to use for sinus infections whether they be used alone or combined with each other and others in herbal tea recipes. Hot tea can provide medicinal benefits and aromatherapy benefits, both of which can be useful in sinus infection treatment and management.

1. Eyebright

Eyebright is a plant whose beautiful flowers resemble a butterfly with wings outstretched. The plant is known for eye health and vision maintenance medicinally, but is also thought to be a natural decongestant and useful for sinus disorder relief and discomfort related to allergies. It is a natural astringent, and the compounds contained in the potent germ killer include tannins, saponins, volatile oils, resins and glycosides. It makes an excellent tea for sinus infection and in this use is often combined with number two on our top five list.

2. Stinging Nettle

The oddly named herb that has held a place in traditional herbal medicine for a very long time known for its analgesic, astringent and diuretic properties amongst others. Stinging nettle is particularly useful for sinus infections due to its ability to open up bronchial airways thanks to natural anti-inflammatory processes and contained antihistamines. Aside from benefits that make it an excellent tea for sinus infection and symptom relief, stinging nettle also contains a healthy heaping dose of essential vitamins like C that are ideal to consume when illness is present.

3. Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot is a plant that boasts a bright and vibrant yellow orange flower that resembles a bursting firework. It can be also called coughwort, a clue into the plant’s medicinal past. It is considered effective at quieting coughs and preventing their recurrence, and its expectorant properties make it excellent at clearing up the congestion that can accompany a sinus infection. For people experiencing cold like symptoms in conjunction with a sinus infection, Coltsfoot tea makes an excellent choice. Mucilage, alkaloid, tannin and saponin components combined in Coltsfoot to provide an effective tea for sinus infection.

4. Horseradish

Yes, horseradish. It may not be the first thing that most people think of when tea comes to mind, but when paired with apple cider vinegar and honey, horseradish can actually be a tasty component in many herbal tea recipes. Natural antibiotic properties found in the tangy root help to combat the germy source of sinus infections, and it also possesses ability to clear up a case of congestion. Horseradish may seem like an unlikely entry in our list of the best teas for sinus infections, but the medicinal benefits of the primarily culinary root should not be overlooked. So try horseradish tea for yourself and get your sinus cleared.

5. Thyme

At this point there is no reason to leave the kitchen here, after moving past the horseradish, consider hitting the spice rack for some garden variety thyme. We know it as a tasty addition to spaghetti sauce and poultry rubs, but thyme was celebrated for its medicinal benefits before it became a culinary staple. It is one of the oldest antiseptic remedies and was long used to help heal wounds and used as a natural expectorant in herbal medicine for cough and cold symptoms. Its wide range of health benefits make it an excellent tea for sinus infection both in terms of helping combat infection and provide symptom relief too.

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