Herbal Tea for Clear Skin Recipes

Tea for Clear Skin

Skin care is a multi-million dollar industry, with an incredible array of manufacturers competing every day for your health and beauty purchases. One of the biggest parts of this particular industry is clear skin, and products designed to combat acne and other facial flaws before makeup is even applied. But, what if those big named facial soap and scrub companies had to compete for your business against Mother Nature? Who would win? What if you could simply drink a tea for clear skin or combine fresh and dried herbs into delicious concoctions and herbal tea recipes to treat and prevent skin eruptions naturally? Well, based on the abundance of herbs that are found in nature that boast antiseptic properties along with the nutrients that skin needs to be healthy, such a competition may not fare too well for big skin business.

Why are herbal remedies potentially superior to their store shelves counterparts? Well, unlike products that are packed with chemicals that medicinally treat acne prone skin, herbal remedies contain only natural compounds that can benefit the skin’s delicate surface on multiple fronts. Hence, using herbs alternatively to clear skin products can help achieve the same effects without the irritation and potential for adverse reactions that can occur with over the counter remedies. Using herbs in a tea for clear skin further prevents this as it removes the application process from the procedure. Internal ingestion of beneficial compounds allows the body to heal itself from the inside out, without drying, irritating and further damaging skin.

Most herbs are not one trick ponies, and the same herbs that boast antiseptic, antioxidant, antiviral and antifungal properties also typically contain vital nutrients and like vitamins and minerals. Many topical products are labeled to show that they also contain vitamins and minerals too. Unfortunately, these additives are often not only unnatural; they also do not provide the same absorption as the same nutrients do when ingested. Since ingesting facial cleanser is both silly and unsafe, why not try a tea for clear skin instead?

So, which herbs are ideal in an arsenal for clearing up problem skin? Some of the best options in this regard are herbs that are rich in antioxidants, and these are thought to help keep the skin clear. Antioxidants are also known to help battle the signs of aging, and incorporating antioxidant rich herbs like cherry marzipan and honey yuzu into herbal tea recipes can help promote all over skin health.

The liver is also thought to be a major source of skin problems including acne. Hence, herbs that are useful in cleansing the liver can not only help problem skin, but potentially address the root of the problem as well. Herbs like burdock root, milk thistle and red clover are perfect to incorporate in a tea for clear skin in this regard and the flavors can provide unique and delicious dermal relief. Neem is another excellent choice in a tea for clear skin, and addresses acne issues head on. Though not a particularly well known herb today, neem has historical roots in ancient forms of medicine, and was highly regarded for antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The leaves can be eaten or brewed into a tea or blended with other herbs (or, lemon juice).

One of the biggest factors that contribute to acne formation to begin with is hormonal changes. Using herbal remedies to address these underlying issues can have a major impact on acne formation. Women in particular can suffer dramatic changes to their skin during times of hormonal turmoil. Chasteberry is an herb that has long been used to balance out hormonal fluctuations, which can in turn provide relief for skin problems. This herb is often combined with common rooibos tea, which is chock full of antioxidants. The two combined make an excellent tea for clear skin, and a delicious one as well.

There are many reasons to consider herbal remedies to either give a normal skin care routine a boost or replace it altogether. Using herbal remedies eliminates the risk of drying and irritation that can occur with many topical products and benefits like skin loving vitamin C can be found naturally in herbs and are not only often lacking in commercial products but lack the absorption benefits of internal ingestion. A tea for clear skin has one drawback and that is a lack of immediate results, which can make herbal options less appealing for some users. But, the long term benefits of healthier, clearer skin from nature can surpass those of chemical packed cleansers in time, and the effects will certainly be longer lived.