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Best Diuretic Teas – 10 Herbal Tea Recipes with Proven Results!

Diuretic Teas

Diuretics are used in order to reduce excess weight on the body. Collectively they remove both water and sodium which can provide relief from swelling and high blood pressure as well. The diuretic mechanism of action allows more urine to be exported by the kidneys, which in turn reduces the amount of excessive water in the blood. The entire process decreases built up fluid and when this occurs in the blood vessels, pressure can in turn be reduced.

Tea for Breast Milk Production – 5 Best Herbal Recipes!

Tea for Breast Milk Production

Breastfeeding is the natural way to nourish babies in the first part of their lives. For many women, this act comes simply and easily with no issues related to milk volume or flow. For others, a bit of help may be required to ramp up lactation.

There are many herbs found in nature that may be useful in this regard. Herbs have long been used for a wide range of medicinal benefits, and increasing lactation is no exception. Many of these herbs work best in a tea for breast milk production, providing a safer and healthier method of administration and hence avoiding the risk involved with over the counter supplements where included ingredients may be questionable.