Top 10 Gotu Kola Tea Benefits

Gotu Kola Tea Benefits

Although the small centella plant which the common name gotu kola refers to seems unimpressive on the outside, the wetland based plant has been a very important part of traditional African medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.In fact, it even has a place in folklore, purportedly contributing to the century’s long life of famous Li Ching-Yuen, who in stories supposedly attributed his longevity to the plant. Unfortunately today, some care must be taken in using gotu kola. It’s swampy, wet preferred home means that it’s especially susceptible to pollutants and contaminants from sewage, so careful sourcing is important to healthfully enjoying gotu kola tea benefits.

Though useful in culinary applications such as wrapping various fillings; the dried leaves brewed into tea is the application most often associated with the medicinal uses of the plant. A simple gotu kola tea recipe involves steeping a teaspoon of the dried leaves in one cup of boiling water or about ten minutes and then sweetening as desired with honey. Gotu kola is also a popular addition to many herbal tea recipes, and is specifically popular alongside those that have complementary health attributes. As a standalone brew however, gotu kola tea benefits are thought to be plentiful, and the ten most well known follow.

1. Circulatory Health: Two chemicals that are found in gotu kola, madecassoside and asiaticoside, are thought to help significantly improve the venous system. Specifically in relation to a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency, it’s thought that these contained compounds can help reduce vain leakage by supporting and strengthening the fragile walls of blood vessels.

2. Eye Health: In the same way that the powerful chemicals associated with gotu kola tea benefits affect other veins throughout the body, they are also purported to help reduce retinal break down in the eyes and slowing a condition known as retinopathy. This vascular support may be especially valuable in this case by helping delay the onset or furthering of conditions that may affect vision.

3. Hemorrhoids: More studies will be needed to see just how gotu kola might help individuals with hemorrhoids, however the herbal remedy that is well known for its healthy abundance of naturally occurring compounds known as saponins is largely associated with healthy blood vessels, the source of painful hemorrhoids.

4. Ulcers: Ulcers are caused from bacteria called H. Pylori, and their symptoms can be significant. Gotu kola tea benefits may be two fold for persons experiencing ulcers, as the herb has been associated with reducing harmful bacteria as well as strengthening the gastrointestinal tract’s delicate lining.

5. Memory: When lab rats were studied more than two decades ago to observe their behavior while using gotu kola extracts, the results found that the memories of the rats taking the extract were markedly more impressive (up to 60 times) than that of the control animals. Gotu kola tea benefits have long been thought to include boosting memory and cognitive function, and although studies like these are limited, they are very promising.

6. Strengthening Hair and Nails: Some studies that have been conducted by pharmaceutical companies have found that connective tissue healing may be an area where the swamp plant may have profound effects. Asiaticoside, found in gotu kola, is the chemical likely responsible for this, and hair and nail strengthening are thought to be positive benefits associated with this compound.

7. Leprosy: Once a serious and common health concern, leprosy has been largely forgotten in modern times though it still exists. Gotu kola tea benefits have long included treating the condition and the plant’s been associated with not only providing a means to kill leprosy causing bacteria by damaging the bacterial cell walls, but also helping heal the skin sores caused by the condition.

8. Water Retention: There are many natural diuretics that have been used by people for hundreds of years, and although gotu kola may be less known for helping remove excess water, it’s an excellent choice to consider. This is especially true because of it’s purported uses in treating urinary tract infections, making it particularly useful in these types of instances.

9. Energy and Stress: Just how it is that gotu kola impacts the nervous system is still relatively unknown, however one of its oldest known uses is as a rejuvenative nervine, perhaps linked to the positive effects on memory long attributed to the herbal. It’s supposed to support adrenal function, which may explain why it’s beneficial during times of high stress. An energy boost may be associated with enhanced mental function.

10. Nervous Disorders: Various problems with mental function have always topped the list of gotu kola tea benefits, however aside from senility and cognitive problems associated with aging, the herbal remedy has also been considered useful for epilepsy, although much further research is needed before herbals will be considered for these types of serious conditions.