Top 10 Goldenseal Tea Benefits

Goldenseal Tea Benefits

Goldenseal is an herb that has been used medicinally for centuries throughout history. The same healing properties that made it an effective natural medicine then still hold true now, and it is one of the most popular herbs in the world. However, before exploring the wealth of purported goldenseal tea benefits available, it is important to rule out one popular use for the herb that is false and unsubstantiated. Believe it or not, the naming of the herb in a popular piece of literature led to its becoming known as a tool to mask illicit drugs in laboratory tests. While goldenseal won’t mask the presence of drugs in the urine, it may very well provide numerous other health benefits, many of which are less discussed now thanks to the herb’s unfortunate popularity as a natural urine composition changer.

The herb’s quick rise to fame as a urine masker means that it is incredibly easy to buy both the dried herb and a slew of already prepared tea products. However, because the herbal industry is largely unregulated, it is always best if possible to brew a concoction at home. Not only does this ensure that the product is pure but also allows for the experimentation and development of various herbal tea recipes, combining various herbs for new and unique flavors at home. In its simplest form, a typical goldenseal tea recipe for home brewing involves boiling a teaspoon of the herb in its dried form with eight ounces of water for at least ten but up to twenty minutes and then straining before enjoying. Goldenseal tea benefits may be plentiful, but the tea tends to have an unpleasantly bitter flavor and honey is often used as a sweetening agent to make the beverage more enjoyable. The top ten health benefits associated with the tea follow, and although passing drug tests is not on the list, most will find far more valuable uses below!

1. Improving Appetite: There were various reasons why American Indian tribes used goldenseal, but the Iroquois tribe found the herb useful for both relieving a sour stomach and improving appetite as well. The herb’s appetite improving properties made it a popular remedy for anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder, in the 1800’s.

2. Reducing Blood Pressure: Herbal medicines are effective because many plants contain chemical compounds that promote healing. Goldenseal contains berberine, and although much further study is needed, this chemical is associated with both lowering blood pressure and also helping individuals with irregular heartbeats. Berberine is also responsible for other various goldenseal tea benefits.

3. Diarrhea: It is the berberine found in goldenseal that is thought to be responsible for the plant’s various antifungal and antibacterial properties. As a result, the herb is thought to be particularly useful in combating diarrhea caused from various pathogens. While goldenseal tea benefits may largely benefit internal processes in this way, historically the herb was used as an astringent and antibacterial agent externally as well, becoming one of the most popular remedies for “pink eye.”

4. Urinary Tract Infections: The antibacterial properties associated with goldenseal are likely what make it a popular folk remedy for urinary tract infections. Modern day studies may support this statement as some clinical trials have found that berberine, a chemical found in goldenseal, may actually keep the dangerous bacteria E. coli from adhering to the walls of the uterine tract.

5. Cholesterol Reduction: Studies are in still in the works to determine how much berberine is required for certain medicinal benefits and whether or not those benefits are obtainable from natural sources of the chemical. But, it is possible that thanks to berberine, goldenseal tea benefits may include reducing bad cholesterol which may reduce the risk for diseases of the heart. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that American Indians also used goldenseal for heart trouble, combined with whiskey, of course.

6. Blood Sugar Management: In a similar state of study as bad cholesterol reducing benefits, there is also some evidence to suggest that berberine, as is found in goldenseal, may also help to support healthier levels of glucose in the blood. Although preliminary at best, this naturally occurring chemical compound may hold a wealth of benefits related to numerous chronic health problems.

7. Immunity Support: In addition to berberine, there are other alkaloids thought to be contained in the root of goldenseal, including canadine and hydrastine along with numerous vitamins and minerals. It is likely that these are what are responsible for the herb’s use as an immunity booster to help stave off illness. This supports past believed goldenseal tea benefits relating to the cold and flu, where when taken at onset, the brew is believed to help shorten the duration and reduce symptoms associated with the common ailments.

8. Digestive Gas and Flatulence: Although hardly a serious health concern, few can debate that intestinal gas can be uncomfortable and excessive flatulence can be downright embarrassing. Thankfully, goldenseal tea benefits include many relating to digestion and in terms of gas and flatulence, likely because the chemicals found in the plant are thought to boost digestive enzyme production and the flow of bile.

9. Liver Problems: Issues with the liver require medical evaluation and care, and herbals should not be considered in place of medicines and other treatment. That being said, goldenseal tea benefits may include supporting the liver for conditions like jaundice and liver disease. It is possible, then, that promoting a healthy liver may also be included in the potential health benefits of goldenseal.

10. Congestion and Mucus: The supposed ability of goldenseal to relieve inflammation throughout the body is what likely led to its use in people with congestion related to illness or allergies or excessive production of mucus resulting from same. Reducing inflammation in various sources of mucus throughout the body may be another of the many potential goldenseal tea benefits that led to the herb’s prolific medicinal use historically.