Top 10 Black Cohosh Tea Benefits

Black Cohosh Tea Benefits

Black cohosh is a plant that is native to the eastern part of North America where it has remained an incredibly popular herbal remedy, dating back hundreds of years to a time when its use was prolific amongst Native Americans. Though the perennial plant is large and complex in appearance, it’s the roots beneath the ground that are thought to hold medicinal properties and what are responsible for numerous purported black cohosh tea benefits.

Brewing the root into a beverage is one of the most popular methods of use of the root, and it’s often blended with other natural healers in herbal tea recipes for a deeper flavor and even more health benefits. But, black cohosh makes a tasty brew on its own and is most commonly prepared in a decoction. A simple and standard black cohosh tea recipe involves 2 teaspoons of root combined with a pot of water. The mixture can be brought to a boil and then steeped for about ten minutes. Unlike most teas, once strained, this particular beverage is often enjoyed cold instead of warm.

There are numerous black cohosh tea benefits for health, and some of them are well documented and studied. However, before considering the natural remedy for any of its most popular uses as found below, it’s important to discuss it with a doctor first. The plant contains high amounts of many naturally occurring chemical compounds that can have profound effects on the body and it’s considered one of the strongest natural medicines.

1. Menopause Symptoms: Perhaps the most well known use of black cohosh relates to menopause. Chemicals found in the plant are thought to have similar characteristics to estrogen, and it’s also thought that the plant may enhance the effects of estrogen produced by the body. As a result, night sweats, hot flashes and temporary changes in mood may be alleviated or reduced as a part of black cohosh tea benefits.

2. Immunity Boosting: It’s thought that some of the organic compounds that are found in the roots of the black cohosh plant may provide support to the immune system. In this way, it’s possible that preventing some types of disease or illness may be attributed to drinking tea made from the plant.

3. Osteoporosis: Where bone loss is the result of cytokine as is the case in the condition known as osteoporosis, black cohosh tea benefits may include reducing the rate at which this destructive phenomenon occurs. Chemicals found in the plant like triterpene glycosides may be responsible for this effect.

4. Inducing Labor: No attempts to bring about baby delivery should be acted upon without speaking to a health care provider, and herbal remedies should never be used by pregnant women until their doctor has approved their use. That being said, throughout history and still by about half of all midwives in practice today, black cohosh is frequently used in women at full term to induce labor.

5. Breast Cancer: Studies are conflicting on just how black cohosh tea benefits may relate to breast cancer, but there is at least some evidence to suggest that the herb may be beneficial in more ways than one. One study found the risk of breast cancer decreased in people using the herb, and another found that survival rates were positively impacted by the active compounds in the plant. Though the jury is still out on use and safety in persons with breast cancer, it’s clear that future research may find black cohosh tea benefits may include applications in cancer care.

6. Fertility: Women having problems conceiving may want to consider black cohosh, an herb that is clearly intimately linked with the complicated reproductive systems of women. Though research is limited to the herb’s use along with other medications, black cohosh tea benefits have long included enhancing fertility during the herbal remedies’ long stretch as a natural healer.

7. Inflammation Relief: There are some early studies that may indicate that two common conditions associated with inflammation, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from the purported inflammation reducing benefits of black cohosh. It is worth noting however that these studies have suggested that black cohosh tea benefits in this use may be limited to pain relief only and have little to no impact on actual functioning of the joints.

8. Migraine Headaches: There are few ways to treat migraine headaches, which can be incredibly painful and last for hours. For those that are associated with menstruation, some trials have found that regular use of black cohosh may help reduce their incidence.

9. Anxiety: Most commonly, positive effects on levels of nervousness and stress in terms of black cohosh tea benefits are attributed to the herbal remedies’ sedative properties as well as those related to estrogen like responses from the body.

10. Depression: Though precisely how the herbal remedy might work is still unclear, Native Americans have long used the common herb as a remedy for depression. Mood altering effects have been observed in studies done on black cohosh, and it’s possible that these may benefit persons suffering from depression.